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About the Masterclass

Connect with the Associate Director of Admissions of the Michigan State Broad Full-Time MBA program to learn how to maximize your chances of receiving funding for your MBA in the US.
In this session, we will discuss types of funding such as scholarships, fellowships and graduate assistantships and give tips on how to submit your strongest application to be able to secure these funding opportunities. This masterclass will cover essay-writing, interview questions, resume-writing and more.

About the speaker

Kate Irwin

Kate Irwin is the Associate Director of Full-time MBA Admissions at Michigan State University and is also responsible for the marketing and communications of the program. She has worked for Michigan State University in this position since 2019. Previously, Kate spent 7 years in Madrid, Spain - first, teaching English as a second language and later transitioning into a job in master's program admissions at a private business school. Kate holds a BA in Advertising from Michigan State University and completed her Master's in Digital Marketing at ISDI in Madrid, Spain.

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